Van Elle backs F1 in Schools team, Mercury Motorsport...

January 2017

Van Elle has always prided itself on suppoprting young people in their quest to gain a better understanding of, and develop their interest in, Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering. Our latest commitment to support the Derby UTC Mercury Motorsport team just goes to show how passionate we are about the future of our industry and the amazing young people we work with to ensure Van Elle's continuing success for generations to come.

F1 in Schools is an international competition which promotes STEM to all types of students from across the globe. The car is made from the official F1 In Schools modelling block and is propelled down a 25 metre straight track via the use of a specific gas canister; the car itself is guided down this straight track by a single tether ('fishing') line which is attached to the car through the tether line guides which are situated underneath.

The Mercury Motorsport team is an ambitious group of six 14-15 year olds who have a keen interest in design, engineering, motorsport and competition and they are hoping to show the other teams in the Central England development class a thing or two about speed on the 26th January in the first round. To learn more about F1 in schools, please click HERE. Alternatively, please follow @MercuryMtrsprt in Twitter to hear about their progress and to keep up to date on their latest news.

Best of luck Team Mercury Motorsport!!

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