Van Elle make the NCE100 for the second year running...

March 2017

At the inaugural awards in 2016, Van Elle were placed 55/100 in the NCE100 companies of the year. As the most successful UK ground engineering specialist contractor for many years and offering the most diverse service and product portfolio, we were also the only one to make it into this elite list.

Unbeleivably for a company that is known for designing and installing ground-breaking ground engineering solutions (or drilling holes and filling them with concrete and steel), the business was also named, 'Technology Trailblazer' Champion. This followed an unequalled focus on innovation and investment in new plant, state-of-the-art facilities and working collaboratively with both clients and suppliers to maximise 'their' products' potential.

With high hopes of moving further up the field towards the top spot in 2017, Van Elle await to see if we have also been shortlisted for any of the specific categories. Watch this space!

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