Van Elle Rail takes possession of the World's first 2 Colmar T12,000 RRVs...

February 2017

Already owning an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art Colmar T10,000FS and T10,000FSC RRVs, Van Elle Rail has just added the World's first 2 T12,000FS specialist on-track units to its holding. These are larger, more powerful versions of the T10,000FS wheeled RRVs and have been developed specifically for the installation of piles of all types along the UK's rail network.

With the oldest RRV in the fleet still only 3 years old, Van Elle Rail can not only offer increased reliability over the competition but significantly greater capability too. We invest more in new plant, training and R&D than any other specialist ground engineering contractor and a focus on delivering projects, quicker, safer and more cost efficiently means that clients know that they will always get the best solution within the project timescales and budget.

A collaborative approach to design and planning also means that clients are often surprised at the level of our engagement and responsibility we deliver compared to what they have become used to over many years.


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