Van Elle ranked 5th out of more than 150k companies...

June 2017

Each year, Grant Thornton produces a 'Top 200' report detailing which companies within the region (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Lincolnshire) have demonstrated the greatest profit growth over the previos 3 years. Following sustained and unprecendented success over recent years, Van Elle has gradually been climbing the rankings culminating in a 5th position in this year's report.

There were significant discussions on the morning of the announcement with both public and private companies debating markets, growth, elections, Brexit and training. There was a great deal of positivity in the room and construction was in the top 5 sectors with regards to both turnover and profit growth.

25 of the 'Top 200' companies had an average growth >50%. Construction had the highest average wages of any sector at £32,000 and employs nearly 6000 people who generate a turnover in excess of £1.7bn and delivered adjusted profit of £174m.

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