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Van Elle’s VE-MOG Road Rail Ground Investigation Rig wins further industry award

STRATA Geotechnics, a subsidiary of Van Elle who specialise in ground investigation (GI), picked up the ’Highly Commended Award’ recently at the British Drilling Association awards ceremony in Bristol.

The VE-MOG is STRATA Geotechnics’ unique, high-performance, self-contained drilling system which specifically targets the rail and highway sectors. It is an innovative and highly versatile drilling system, designed to obtain GI data.

The VE-MOG has a dual head system, which is capable of both dynamic sampling and rotary percussive drilling. It has the mobility to go on and off track easily.

The major benefits of the VE-MOG Drilling System are:
  • The rapid setup and drilling of the VE-MOG maximises productivity
  • It is self contained and not reliant on other plant resources
  • It can drill beyond anticipated pile founding depths, which reduces risks that are related to pile design and pile installation
  • It has no requirement for lorry transport and is great for accessing remote locations

For further information on our GI services please contact:

Andy Johnston (Director, STRATA Geotechnics) andy.johnston@stratageo.co.uk
Don Valley Viaduct Bridge Strengthening