Klemm KR702 Rig

A main feature of the Klemm 702 is to realise compact overall dimensions and an improved capacity and stability of the rig.

The 702 can be operated in confined spaces as it can be driven through doors with 2 m height and 750 mm width and also has excellent stability with telescopic tracks extendable to 1.25m allowing the use of a slew head for anchor drilling.

Furthermore both telescopic tracks can be moved individually. Also new is the telescopic drill mast type 164 with hydraulic sequence control and a retraction force of 60 kN. Compared to the drill mast type 160 this telescopic drill mast allows a 300 mm longer feed length at same overall length.

Klemm KR702

Contact Information

Email: Chris Downs
Call: 0845 6308993


Download a Klemm KR702 PDF Datasheet
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