Soil Tek S45 Rig

The Soiltek S45-CFA delivers nearly 4.6 tonne-meters of torque which enables this powerful rig to install piles of up to 750mm in diameter in CFA mode and upto 1m diameter in Rotary Kelly Bar Mode into some of the stiffest soils.

We are capable of augering rock sockets with our Soiltek rigs into weak and moderately weak rock to give nominal working loads of up to 1000kN in certain ground conditions.

The rigs are delivered on our specially design beavertail rigid wagons which means that not only can we access the most restricted pile positions, we can access via some very restricted roads and lanes as well.

Soil Tek S45

Contact Information

Email: Chris Downs
Call: 0845 630 8993

Case Studies

Download the Soil Tek S45 Technical Datasheet
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