Unwin Super Kitten Rig

These fully hydraulic, purpose built piling rigs are designed and built for the installation of Continuous Flight Auger Bored Piles to a maximum diameter 300mm and Open Auger Bored Piles, using both temporary and permanent casing, up to a maximum diameter of 220mm, bored by a mast mounted rotary head delivering a torque of up to 5,000Nm.

The diameter of Open Auger Bored Piles can be increased to 400mm in certain cases by slight workshop modification. The rig is also capable of drilling using both the Duplex and Odex techniques and also drilling through obstructions and hard ground with Down The Hole Hammer (DTHH) equipment. The

The hydraulic mast can be extended / retracted to permit piles to be installed in very limited headroom. The rig is powered by a hydraulic power pack that is towed behind the rig, but can be located up to 50m from the rig during pile installation. The retractable rubber tracks and fully raking mast ensure that the rig can be tracked through a standard doorway to a working area.

Unwin Super Kitten Rig

Contact Information

Email: Chris Downs
Call: 0845 6308993


Download a Unwin Super Kitten PDF Datasheet
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