Van Elle has worked on many projects in the education sector over the years and has supplied all of its services regardless of the size and scope. We are sometimes required to carry out the works during term time presenting the additional pressures of controlling vibration, noise pollution and keep disruption to a minimum.

Most schools, colleges and universities like to profile their developments and spend on facilities to support the teaching of their students. Therefore, these educational institutions and the main contractors have to have confidence that their sub-contractors will carry out the work in a professional manner whilst being sympathetic to specific requirements of working in such an environment. Timing is always key on these developments to completing the work before the new term, exam season starts or during the holidays and our experience in this sector has given us the knowledge and tools to plan every detail ensuring we complete on programme.

Our unique Smartfoot® precast modular foundations are a firm favourite of contractors working on education and health sector projects for similar reasons; speed, cost, accuracy and lack of disruption.

Over the past 30 years, Van Elle has gained the reputation in our industry for delivering a professional and award winning service and is now the largest independent ground engineering contractor in the UK. We continue to invest in innovative technologies and bespoke rigs improving reliability on site, the speed at which we can install the solutions safely and outperform the competition.

We regularly work with small, local companies as well as for many of the UK's largest and best known principal contractors providing the same level of service on each and every project safeguarding our envied client retention rates.

Recent education projects include the drilling & grouting for Marus Bridge Primary School in Wigan for John Turner & Sons and the ground investigation and piling at the University of Birmingham for Clegg Construction.

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