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Strata Geotechnics unveil its VEMOG RRV


Strata Geotechnics unveil its VEMOG RRV Drilling System

The VE-MOG Road Rail Vehicle (RRV) and associated RRV trailer is a self contained drilling system which can mobilise to site on road, manoeuvre onto the rail at the Road Rail Access Point (RRAP) and travel along the rail to the drilling position. Once at the drill site, the mast can articulate to enable drilling off the rear (into the 4 foot) or off either side of the vehicle (into the cess or the 6 foot) with a reach of up to 1.2m off the sleeper end.

The drilling rig has a dual head system capable of both dynamic sampling and rotary drilling. Either rotary open holing or coring is possible to depths in excess of 60m below ground level. The on-board winch enables the boreholes to be cased through superficial deposits to keep the borehole open and to undertake Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) or to recover undisturbed samples (UT100). With the associated RRV trailer the VE-MOG can mobilise either a compressor for air or air/mist flush or a water pump for water flush drilling together with rods,tooling and associated equipment.

The major benefits of the VE-MOG RRV drilling system are:

The unique design enables the VE-MOG rig to be used both in the rail environment and also in the on and off-road environments owing to its 4x4 capabilities. This allows greater utilisation of the resource with the potential of working on rail during possessions and then off rail during normal working hours.