Casagrande C6 Rig

The Casagrande C6 is a highly versatile rig comprising of a 11700kg stabilising weight mounted on steel crawler tracks. It has four large adjustable legs attached to each corner of the rig to give added stability when in operation. The Casagrande C6 features an adjustable mast that offers extremely versatile angle achievement.

The Casagrande C6 incorporates a three speed drive-motor (with a maximum torque 13.5kN) which operates in conjunction with 550mm diameter spreadable clamps. The C6 can install a 450mm diameter augered pile, with 505mm diameter temporary liners. With its hydraulic side shifted gear box, the Casagrande C6 makes light work of mounting and dismounting auger equipment. It also makes the installation of steel reinforcement cages into the pile easier with its 2000kg line winch.

The Casagrande C6 has its own specially developed air swivel feature, which when bolted in to place enables the rig operator to use a ‘Down the Hole’ (DTH) Hammer up to a maximum working diameter of 300mm.

Due to its ability to drill over its tracks, this machine is an ideal candidate for such work as soil nailing and contiguous wall piles, in limited access sites where operating space is restricted and a flexible machine is required.

Casagrande C6

Contact Information

Email: John Baggott
Call: 0845 630 8993


Download the Casagrande C6 Technical Datasheet
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