Llamada P160TT Rig

The Llamada piling rig model P-160TT is designed to install continuous flight auger piles (CFA) and is one of the largest specialist rigs of this nature in the UK. It is capable of installing 400 - 1000mmØ to a maximum depth of 35 meters in a single stroke and 1200mmØ piles to a maximum depth of 33 meters.

This is a very impressive piece of kit and is extremely powerful and manouverable despite its size. Ideally suited to large open sites and capable of installing complex contiguous/secant piled retaining walls swiftly and accurately, this rig is in demand across the UK where others cannot get the depth or, in cases, where rotary has previously been their only option, significantly increasing programme and costs.

Llamada P160TTLlamada P160TTLlamada P160TT

Contact Information

Email: Phil Carr
Call: 0845 630 8993


Download the Llamada P160TT Technical Datasheet
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