Auger Displacement Piling

Auger Displacement Piling

Auger Displacement Piling (ADP) can be a highly effective solution in non cohesive and weak cohesive ground conditions and is ideal for use on contaminated sites due to the lack of spoil generated. The ADP system offers all the advantages of CFA without the spoil or the mess. In the right ground conditions, it may also reduce the length of the pile due to the increased skin friction generated by the installation method.

Our on-board software system is used to monitor and control pile construction in a similar manner to traditional CFA piling.

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Email: Phil Carr
Call: 0845 630 8993

Case Studies

Plant & Equipment

Llamada P105TT
Llamada P140TT
Soilmec R625
Soilmec CM48
Soilmec CM70
Soilmec R208
Soilmec R312
Soilmec SF50
Soilmec SR30
Soil Tek S45
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