Screw Piling

Screw Piles

Screw piles, sometimes described as helical piles, have been in use since the 1830's when they were primarily installed to support lighthouses and harbour piers on the east coast of America. Manufactured today from galvanised steel, the load bearing capacities and lifespan of this foundation type is greatly increased meeting modern building requirements and specifications.

Designed as both compression piles and tension anchors, they offer a fast, versatile and sustainable option for many comparably lightly loaded structures including roadside signs and gantries, conservatories, single-storey extensions and piers where ground conditions suit. Due to their ability to be removed and reused elsewhere, they are sustainable and produce no spoil often saving considerable costs particularly where land is contaminated. They are also commonly used on the railways, at the side of motorways and other such locations where downtime is costly and/or access is restricted as they can be installed quickly using either a hand-held or mini excavator mounted torque motor.

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