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Secant piled walls

Steel Sheet Retaining Wall

Sheet piles offer an alternative way of supporting temporary and permanent excavations.


  • Lightweight – easy to handle on the smallest sites
  • Sustainable – piles often made of recycled steel and can be re-used
  • Excavations can start immediately– no waiting for concrete to cure
  • Low maintenance
  • Applications
  • Temporary and permanent excavations and basements
  • Permanent and temporary retaining walls
  • Sea walls and quaysides
  • Cofferdams to prevent flooding


Steel sheet piles are driven into the ground using vibratory, impact hammers or a hydraulic press. Piles are driven to design depth. Sheet piles may need to be pre-bored to remove obstructions or to allow design depths to be met.

Steel sheet piles are designed to interlock utilising guides are used to ensure they remain vertical. Ground Anchors are frequently used in conjunction with sheet piles to remove the need for propping deep excavations.

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