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Vibro stone columns and vibro concrete columns

Vibro stone and vibro concrete columns are a quick and cost-effective alternative to piling and grouting when building on large areas of weak ground. Vibro columns do not produce spoil and tend to be shorter than piles.


  • Faster and more cost-effective alternative to piling in ground improvement
  • Perfect for lighter structural loads
  • Ideal for treating larger sites


  • Ground improvement for housing, large industrial units and warehouses
  • Enabling construction of embankments over weak ground for highway and rail projects


Vibro stone and vibro concrete columns are installed on a grid using a vibrating poker, or vibroflot, mounted on a specialist vibropiling rig. This is driven into the ground, with or without air flush, to the desired depth. Stone or concrete is pumped into the hole through the vibroflot, which compacts the material to form a column as it is withdrawn. Together, the grid of columns strengthens the area of ground covered.

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