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As part of the Van Elle Group, ScrewFast Foundations are dedicated to driving innovation and delivering excellence to our customers. Since the company’s establishment in 2000, ScrewFast has been at the forefront of the steel piling foundations revolution, pioneering the introduction of large diameter helical piles within UK infrastructure.

As the leading steel foundation specialist, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions and have the capacity to provide piles suited to any ground conditions, spanning from minimal SPT values to rock.

At ScrewFast, we offer comprehensive turn-key foundation solutions. Our clients and partners can choose from an array of services, including site investigation, design, supply, installation, monitoring, and testing. Tailored services cover geotechnical design, BIM modelling, modular foundation solutions, and more.

Excavator base machines with specialist attachments can install various pile types including conventional SFA and drilled piles, while our innovative grillages eliminate the need for concrete caps. We also excel in slope stability and civil engineering, with all modular foundations manufactured away from the site.

Our capabilities extend beyond the limits of traditional concrete-based solutions. We venture into areas where concrete can't, and at the end of a project life, we can often remove piles and leave, where concrete has to be left behind. This distinctive approach translates to the whole project and life cost options that concrete simply can’t match.

Our solutions are recyclable, sustainable, environmentally beneficial, and deliver significant carbon advantages.

Our Core Markets

Spanning across major infrastructure sectors, steel-based foundations have grown to be recognised and accepted as a preferred option for a wide spectrum of applications, including highways and rail structures, electrification and energy structures, telecommunication masts, marine-based construction, eco-friendly building, and various other industry applications.

We have grown foundation screw piling into a reputable and accepted option for structures within many industry sectors including:



Helical piles offer a quick and reliable solution for the highways sector. Because of their versatility, helical piles can be installed in close proximity to existing obstacles and can accommodate uneven, soft, or unstable terrain while minimising disruption to public activities

Common uses include road signs, gantries, lighting columns, traffic lights, wall and fences, platforms, CCTV and bridges.



ScrewFast Foundations provides an excellent solution for a variety of applications within the energy sector. Helical piles perform well in compression, tension and shear, and due to their modular nature are used extensively in substations supporting various superstructure assets expanding capacity with minimal disruption. Helical piles minimise ground impact and eliminate concrete use minimising environmental legacy.

Common uses include solar farms, substation equipment, transmission towers, cctv poles, transformer bunds, walkways, and more, providing essential structural support for energy structures.



In the realm of water and waste management, ScrewFast Foundations offers helical piles as an ideal solution for supporting different structures and applications in water and wastewater treatment facilities. Helical piles offer robust structural support for walkways, tanks, and pipelines, and are particularly useful because they can be installed in small spaces with minimal equipment. This makes them a great option for facilities that have restricted or limited access to certain areas.

Common uses include bridges, flood defences, retaining walls, marine, walkways, buildings (temporary or permanent).



Helical piles present an optimal foundational solution across diverse applications within the telecommunications sector. Particularly for tall masts and poles, these piles offer an exceptional capacity to withstand various axial, uplift, and shear forces. They also have the added advantage of minimising or even eliminating the need for concrete, while also causing minimal disturbance to the terrain and its surroundings. Making them suitable for supporting telecommunications equipment that frequently spans across agricultural lands and open fields.

Common uses include monopole, towers, telegraph poles, mobile phone masts, platform and climbing equipment and GSM-R communication poles.



All sectors within the civil engineering industry can take advantage of ScrewFast Foundations screw piled and steel foundation solutions, due to their numerous advantages and benefits. They offer a fast and cost-effective foundation solution for various applications by reducing installation time, the need for extra machinery, waste, labour hours, and removal time.

Common uses include



ScrewFast Foundations made a significant impact in 2003 by introducing Helical piles to the rail industry. This innovation provided a proven and cost-effective foundation technique that resonated with the rail sector. Helical piles offer numerous advantages over traditional foundation methods, including a significant reduction in possession time, resulting in significant project savings and minimal inconvenience to the public. Helical piles have become a staple for ensuring structural stability in both enduring and temporary structures, as well as for reinforcing existing foundations.

Common uses include: OLE's, signals, gantries, refuge platforms, platform extensions and GSM-R structures.

Minimising temporary works through a design-led approach

Our approach is focused on design, which means we prioritise integrating design considerations in the early stages of project planning. This leads to more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable outcomes, ultimately reducing or eliminating our customers' requirements

By adopting a design-led approach, we can eliminate or minimise temporary works while also bringing about a range of benefits, including improved project timelines, increased safety measures, and significant reductions in carbon emissions.


Implementing modern methods of construction (MMC) through a design-led approach reduces the time spent on-site. Manufacturing piles and grillages in a controlled off-site environment allows for just-in-time installation. This eliminates theneed for extensive excavations andadditional trades for preparation,reinforcement, and concrete pouring.streamlining the construction process.


Through the use of MMC, such as manufacturing piles and grillages off-site, on-site time is minimised, reducing potential hazards and enhancing safety. The approach reduces the need for onsite activities like large excavations, reinforcement, and concrete pouring, leading to a safer and more efficient construction environment.


A design-led approach contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing carbon emissions. On average, there is a remarkable 67% reduction in carbon(tCO2e) emissions when compared to conventional piling methods. This reduction in carbon emissions aligns with broader environmental goals.


  • Helical Piling
  • Large Diameter, High Capacity Helical Piles
  • GRIP® Piling
  • SFA, Drilled and Bored Piling with Excavator


  • Significant reduction in project construction time, leading to cost savings
  • Minimal environmental legacy; eradicating ‘dig and dump’
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Ease of installation; reduced number of plant and workers, reduced risk to workforce
  • Less inconvenience to public
  • Remote locations reached
  • Load immediately after installation
  • Ease of demolition; foundations quickly and easily unscrewed

Our Accreditations

We are committed to continual improvement and professional development. We are a member of a number of professional organisations and awarding bodies. All of our drilling crews are directly employed, trained to NVQ Level 2 in land drilling and are audited by the BDA.

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