6th February 2024

NAW 2024 – Spotlight on Diverse Apprenticeships at Van Elle

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Today’s daily theme for National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Employer Tuesday’ and we’re focusing on highlighting the diverse apprenticeship options at Van Elle, providing an overview of what they entail and showcasing potential career paths.

Apprenticeships often combine on-the-job training with classroom education, offering a hands-on approach to learning and a direct route into a chosen profession.

The specific career paths can vary based on individual preferences, additional education, and the demand within the industry.

Civil Engineer Apprenticeship – Level 3, 4 and 6

Civil engineering apprenticeships focus on developing skills in designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure projects such as roads, rail, bridges, and buildings.

Potential Career Paths: Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Construction Manager.

Quantity Surveyor Apprenticeship – Level 6

Quantity surveying apprenticeships focus on developing skills to manage the costs of construction projects and estimate and monitor expenses to ensure that projects are completed within budget.

Potential Career Paths: Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Commercial Manager.

Land-based Service Engineering Technician – Level 3

This apprenticeship involves maintaining and repairing equipment used in construction and other land-based industries. You’ll learn the skills to diagnose and repair complex faults on machinery and plant.

Potential Career Paths: Fitter, Fitter Supervisor.

Business Administration – Level 3

Business administration apprenticeships cover various aspects of business operations, including administrative tasks, customer service, and project coordination.

Potential Career Paths: Administrative Assistant, Office Manager.

Information Communications Technician – Level 3

Information communications technicians work with computer networks, hardware, and software, ensuring that communication systems function smoothly.

Potential Career Paths: IT Support Analyst, IT Systems Analyst, IT Developer.

HR Support Apprentice – Level 3

HR support apprenticeships focus on developing skills in human resources, including recruitment, employee relations, and training.

Potential Career Paths: HR Assistant, HR Advisor, HR Manager.

Piling Apprenticeship – Level 2

Piling apprenticeships involve working with specialised equipment to install deep foundations, in construction projects.

Potential Career Paths: Piling Rig Operator, Site Supervisor  

Welding Apprenticeship – Level 2

Welding apprenticeships train individuals in the skill of joining metal parts using various welding techniques.

Potential Career Paths: Welder, Welder Supervisor.

Procurement Apprenticeship – Level 3

Procurement apprenticeships focus on the acquisition of goods and services, involving activities such as sourcing, negotiating, and managing supplier relationships.

Potential Career Paths: Procurement Officer, Senior Procurement Officer.

Visit the NAW website here or for more information about apprenticeship options at Van Elle, visit our careers page.