Precast Manufacturing

Since 2013 our teams have supplied our precast concrete piles and Smartfoot ground beams, which have been used in the construction of foundations systems for a wide range of projects.

These have been used within the civil engineering and building sectors across the UK.

All Smartfoot beams produced in our onside facility are bespoke (own design package) for each house type.

We use post-tensioning as a method of reinforcing our beams which improves structural performance while also reducing construction time, costs, materials and environmental impact.

Our ISO accredited production facility has been continually developed to enable the manufacture of our high-quality, reinforced concrete piles and beams.

We continually strive for the development and improvement of the quality of our precast products. 

 What are the advantages of precast manufacturing?

  • Quality assurance
  • Reduces overall construction time
  • Promotes sustainable construction
  • Versatile – can be moulded into different shapes and sizes to suit the design of a project

 Key capabilities of the manufacturing plant

  • Rough annual output – 120,000 linear meters of ground beams, 250,000 linear meters of concrete piles
  • Pile size produced: 200x200mm – 250x250mm square piles 4 and 6 bar piles
  • Beam size produced: 330×400 450×400
  • All beams and piles manufactured to 50 newton concrete
  • Square section reinforcement cages made up to 190mm/12m long under strict quality-controlled conditions.

Why Van Elle?

We aim to provide customers with a differentiated and highly professional service, including:

  • Integrated capability – an end-to-end service from ground investigation to the largest types of foundation engineering
  • The UK’s largest fleet of specialist rigs
  • A dedicated team – we deploy a directly employed workforce of more than 400 highly trained operatives
  • Innovation – we invest 10% of our expenditure in developing new techniques and applications
  • Expertise – we provide more than 25 geotechnical, ground improvement and piling techniques across the Group