Smartfoot® Precast Modular Foundations

Smartfoot® is Van Elle’s high-performance factory-produced precast modular foundation system and is a fast, strong, accurate, safe and sustainable solution for a wide range of applications.  

As a modern method of construction the process, uniquely incorporating post-tensioning technology to connect the beams, uses off-site techniques to speed up delivery, reduce labour costs and eliminate unnecessary waste. It improves quality through the controlled manufacturing processes and standardised design which offers an alternative to traditional building techniques. 

What are Smartfoot® Precast Modular Foundations used for?   

Led by the requirements of our clients for a high-performance precast foundation system that could integrate with a range of piled foundation solutions Van Elle developed the Smartfoot® precast modular foundation system.  

Compared to traditional trench filled foundations and other precast systems, Smartfoot® is now the preferred system for many of the UK’s largest and specialist house builders due to the economic and time saving features of the system. 

The solution has several other applications and can be used for projects including care homes, apartment blocks, temporary buildings and hospitals.     

Smartfoot® is approved by the National House Building Council (NHBC), the UK’s leading provider of warranty and insurance for new homes, and is produced in an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accredited factory to ensure quality is always delivered.       

Van Elle provides support at every stage of the process. The in-house design team produces bespoke, efficient designs to meet the project requirements such as building size, loadings and ground conditions, and the beams are installed and post-tensioned by the company’s specialised operatives.   

What are the advantages of Smartfoot® Precast Modular Foundations?

  • Smartfoot® is approved by the NHBC and is produced in an ISO accredited factory                                            
  • Fast and cost-effective, with installation rates of more than 300 linear metres a week and immediate handover for follow-on trades 
  • Flexible to suit individual design and piling layout 
  • Sustainable, as materials use, and waste are minimised 
  • ‘Just-in-time’ deliveries 

Common Uses

  • Housing, apartments, care homes, hospitals and temporary buildings  
  • Ideal for overcoming challenging ground conditions, including heave and contaminated soils 

Smartfoot® is a high-performance foundation system that has unique features to ensure it is simple and quick to install. 

The precast modular concrete beams are post-tensioned on site to create a rigid foundation. Beams can be installed with or without piles. The Smartfoot® beams are highly efficient and contain significantly less material than other traditional in-situ foundation solutions and alternative modular systems. As such, excavation is reduced, and material use, and waste are minimised. 

Post-tensioning the system ensures the beams act as a single high-performance unit, providing enhanced moment capacity and allowing greater pile tolerances to be accommodated. Once the system has been post-tensioned and final alignment checks been completed an immediate handover for follow on trades can be completed – there is no need to wait for concrete or other materials to cure. 

Beams are manufactured under factory conditions, can be delivered to site ‘just-in-time’, so there is less on-site storage of plant and materials.  

Van Elle Smartfoot Foundations
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