25th November 2020

Smartfoot® Precast Modular Foundations

Smartfoot® Precast Modular Foundations

Smartfoot® is Van Elle’s high quality factory-produced precast modular foundation system, uniquely incorporating post-tensioning technology to connect the beams. It is fast, strong, accurate, safe and sustainable solution for a wide range of applications.




Smartfoot® is a high-performance foundation system that has unique features to ensure it is simple and quick to install.

The precast modular concrete beams are post-tensioned on site to create a rigid foundation. Beams can be installed with or without piles. The Smartfoot® beams are highly efficient and contain significantly less material than other traditional in situ foundation solutions and alternative modular systems. As such, excavation is reduced, and material use, and waste are minimised.

Beams are built under factory conditions, can be delivered to site ‘just-in-time’, so there is less on-site storage of plant and materials, and can be installed in any weather. The Smartfoot® system is installed by Van Elle’s own inhouse specialist installation teams.


Van Elle provides support at every stage of the process. The in-house design team produces bespoke, efficient designs to meet the project requirements such as building size, loadings and ground conditions, and the beams are installed and post-tensioned by the company’s site engineers.

Post-tensioning the system ensures the beams act as a single high-performance unit, providing enhanced moment capacity and allowing greater pile tolerances to be accommodated. Once the system has been tensioned and final alignment checks been completed an immediate handover for follow on trades can be completed – there is no need to wait for concrete or other materials to cure.