Overhead Line Electrification (OLE)

We have a wealth of experience installing foundations for large infrastructure projects on the rail network, ranging from platforms to bridges to overhead line electrification (OLE) gantries.

Utilising the extensive fleet of innovative RRVs we are adept at providing a solution for some of the most complex projects.

The works we undertake are:

  • Ground Investigation
  • Piling and Foundations
  • Structures installation
  • Lifting Operations and POS services
  • Rail Civil Engineering Services

Our impressive fleet of specialist rigs, RRVs and attachments enables us to meet a range of foundation requirements with solutions tailored to each project’s unique combination of loads and soil conditions.

The rail team are capable and experienced in installing all types of foundation within the rail sector such as:

  • Circular Hollow Section (CHS) Piles
  • Concrete Auger/Rotary Bored and cast in place piles
  • Screw Piles, Helical Piles and Grillages
  • Soil Nails and Anchors
  • Sheet Piles and King Post Walls
  • Gravity Pads/Precast Modular Foundations
  • Insitu RC foundations

The Van Elle Rail team have delivered numerous overhead line schemes throughout the UK including some of the most complex and challenging schemes delivered in recent years such as:

  • Great Western Electrification Project (GWEP)
  • Midland Mainline Electrification (MML)
  • Crossrail
  • Northwest Electrification (NWEP)
  • TGW Cardiff and Newport
  • TFW Core Valley Lines (South Wales Metro)
  • Carstairs – Decarbonisation in Scotland

Our pedigree of being a specialist geotechnical contractor has provided significant benefits in applying innovation to the delivery of infrastructure projects throughout the UK.

Van Elle is the only Network Rail product approved supplier of the VESPA Drill Masts.

Ensuring the best value through ECI and value engineering is key to Van Elle’s capability.