Contiguous piled walls

Contiguous piled retaining walls, also referred to as contig. walls, are formed by installing a row/s of CFA or rotary bored piles leaving a relatively small space between them.

They are typically installed prior to one side of the wall being excavated and they are designed specifically to retain earth and often to take a load applied by a structure above too. Unlike ‘secant piled retaining walls’, they do not prevent the ingress of water and can be installed as a single wall or a 2/3 sided box rather than having to be an enclosed 360° construction.

Contig. walls can be designed to be free standing, usually when the retained height is relatively shallow, or with temporary or permanent propping using anchors, props or hydraulic struts.

Van Elle has significant experience in designing, installing and testing contiguous and secant piled retaining walls in a variety of diameters and locations across the UK and Ireland.

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