Driven Piling

Driven piling is a fast and cost-effective deep foundation method suitable for a wide range of ground conditions, including both non-cohesive and cohesive soils. Piles are manufactured in factory conditions, improving quality control and enabling just-in-time delivery.


  • Fast to install
  • Produces no spoil
  • Suitable for a wide range of ground conditions
  • Offsite pile construction means high quality control and just-in-time delivery


  • Typically used for lighter structural loads
  • Embankment support


Precast concrete or steel piles are driven into the ground by a hydraulic pile hammer, which compacts the surrounding soil. Piles are driven to a design depth or resistance (set) that will enable them to carry the required load.

In house pile manufacture

Van Elle manufactures its own square section reinforces precast concrete piles under strict quality-controlled conditions up to 250mm square and 12m long.


Van Elle’s fleet of Junttan piling rigs can install driven piles of up to 20m long/ depth. Longer piles can be installed with sections joined using a mechanical interlocking joint and Van Elle have piling rigs capable of installing precast piles up to 400mm section.

Tubular and H-section steel piles can be installed for hard ground or when obstructions are likely to be encountered.


Van Elle has developed the proprietary Vemech system. The Vemech system utilises a low ground bearing pressure rig that can install 2.5m to 4m long precast concrete pile sections and up to 4m long steel piles.

Key advantages of the Vemech system are the flexibility to deal with varying pile lengths and significantly reduce overall wastage on materials due to the short precast pile lengths and the reduction in pile mat thicknesses and associated temporary works due to the lightweight rig.