Rigid Inclusions

Rigid Inclusions are a very economical and efficient ground improvement technique which bridges the gap between vibro stone columns and traditional piling.

Suitable for weak, compressible soils, they improve the bearing capacity of the ground and enhance settlement performance and are ideally suited to warehouses, industrial and commercial sheds, embankment support and in some cases residential properties.

The columns are installed using an auger displacement tool, ensuring there is limited or no spoil generated. Typically 320mm in diameter and using a low strength concrete, they are unreinforced.

This ground improvement solution works alongside a load distribution mattress which allows for a traditional sub-structure design such as pad foundations, strip footings and ground bearing floor slabs.

Rigid inclusion benefits:


  • Increased bearing capacity
  • Improved settlement performance
  • Significant savings over piling
  • Bearing capacities of up to 250kN/m2 achievable
  • 320mm diameter columns installed
  • No pile caps / cropping required
  • Installed to depths of up to 20m
  • Displacement system – no spoil
  • Modern fleet of RI rigs – fully instrumented
  • Fast process – suitable for any size site
  • Improved ground allows the use of ground bearing floor slabs for further cost savings
  • Fully validated by load testing