Van Elle has a Group wide sustainability strategy aligned to industry best practice and in particular the Construction Leadership Council programme. 

The three core pillars of our strategy are economic, social and environment with a significant focus on reducing our carbon impact in the execution of our operational processes.

We are passionate about making positive changes to our equipment and processes to considerably reduce waste and carbon production and limit the negative impact of our activities. 

This begins with efficient design and using low emission plant, recycled products and alternative materials where practicable. 

Our vision is to help create a sustainable future through innovation, engagement and collaboration with local communities, our customers, and our industry. We will achieve this by taking the following actions;

Our target is to reduce the carbon impact of our operations to achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

The design and construction of off-site modular foundation systems such as Smartfoot or ScrewFast helical piles and grillages significantly reduces the carbon footprint of our activities compared to traditional methods

Our achievements to far: