Sheet Piling

As a steel sheet piling contractor, we offer a broad range of steel piling solutions nationwide to suit most ground conditions, designed as temporary or permanent works for a wide range of geotechnical solutions and applications.

What is steel sheet piling?

The performance of a designed sheet pile section depends on its geometry and the soils it is driven into. Sheet piling forms a structurally sound and often watertight retaining wall or barrier. Sheet piles are used to form cantilever, propped, and anchored retaining structures for many applications.

Steel sheet piles are manufactured as hot rolled sections with U or Z profiles. The interlocking sections are designed as both temporary and permanent works for retaining structures in both land based and marine environments.

We offer innovative, commercially viable solutions using our internal design house and modern installation and extraction techniques to deliver complex sheet piling packages.

These include using telescopic leader rigs with vibratory hammers, hydraulic pile presses (silent pile press), Movax side grips as well as our conventional methods of vibratory and impact hammers.

The sheet piles we use are manufactured from 100% recycled scrap steel.

Key capabilities:

  • Rig loadings: 10 – 68 tonnes
  • Pile type: Z, and U sheet piles; H sections and Tubular piles
  • Maximum length of Sheet Pile: Movax – 10m
  • Maximum length of Sheet Pile: Leader rig up to 21m
  • Maximum length of Sheet Pile: Pile press up to 24m

What are the advantages of Sheet Piling?

  • Factory preformed sections that are both reusable and recyclable
  • Can be permanent or temporary solution
  • Pile lengths are easily adaptable to suit variable ground conditions
  • Design life can be enhanced through sacrificial corrosion or protective coating
  • Sheet pile walls can be designed for both horizontal and vertical loads with the ability to be easily anchored or propped
  • Vibration-free pile press installation methods suited to environmentally sensitive areas, particularly inner-city areas that mitigate noise and vibration pollution
  • Can be installed within restricted confined environments adjacent to existing buildings and underground structures
  • Telescopic leader rigs with resonance-free or variable moment vibratory hammers reduce the vibration caused when installing and extracting steel piles

Common Uses

  • Temporary works including retaining walls and cofferdams to facilitate excavation; service support and installation; thrust and reception pits
  • Permanent retaining walls an economical basement solution capable of supporting both vertical and horizontal loads from earth and water pressures; various uses across highways as retaining walls and bridge abutments
  • Soil/embankment retention and stabilisation; suitable for flood alleviation schemes; within the rail environment; coastal protection and revetment toe restraints
  • Marine structures – widely used within ports and harbours for quays wall and jetties

Steel sheet piles are installed with a variety of tools and equipment and includes the following:

  • Side grip vibratory Movax hammers attached to excavators and road rail vehicles suited to challenging restricted access and confined working conditions
  • Telescopic leader rigs with resonance free or variable moment vibratory hammers reduce the vibration caused when installing and extracting steel piles
  • Remote control silent pilers using press in techniques used within environmental sensitive areas, confined space and hard to reach areas
  • Traditional methods include large cranes with hammers, where sheet piles are installed through piling frames

Driving assistance can be provided through impact driving, water jetting and pre-drilling/pre-augering.

Van Elle Sheet Piling
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