Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro stone columns are a quick and cost-effective foundation solution. As an alternative to traditional piling or deep trench-fill, this is a displacement technique meaning it produces minimal spoil.

Vibro ground improvement will enhance the bearing capacity of the existing soils through densification and reinforcement and provide improved settlement performance. This will allow the construction of standard shallow reinforced foundations and ground bearing slabs generating further cost savings. Vibro stone columns are ideal for when building on large areas of weak ground.

What are Vibro Stone Columns used for?

Vibro stone columns is a ground improvement technique that can be used in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and infrastructure, including:  

  • Housing and public structures 
  • Large industrial units and warehouses 
  • Enabling construction of embankments over weak ground for highway and rail projects 

What are the advantages of Vibro Stone Columns?

  • Significant savings over piling
  • Displacement system results in minimal spoil
  • Sustainable solution, which can be constructed using recycled aggregates
  • The process is fast and is suitable for any size of site which requires ground improvement
  • Improved ground allows the use of shallow foundations for further cost savings
  • Fully validated by load testing

Common Uses

  • Foundation settlement reduction 
  • Increased bearing capacity of up to 200kN/m2 and reduction in foundation size or width 
  • Improved soil stiffness and strength  
  • Increased slope stability 
  • Shallow footing construction 
  • Effectively used for sand compaction 
  • Improving soil drainage 

How are Vibro Stone Columns installed? 

Employing two types of method for this technique, we utilise the rigs we have customised and engineered to deliver an effective solution. These methods are: 

Bottom Feed  

Used when an open bore becomes unstable due to the presence of very soft soils or with a high-water table. In this case, stone aggregate is fed into the column through a tube attached to the vibroflot which supports the bore as the flot remains within the ground while constructing the stone column. 

Top Feed 

Typically used where an open bore can be formed by the vibroflot which remains stable and can be filled with stone aggregate from working platform level. 

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