Thermal Integrity Profiling

Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP) is a technology that utilises heat generated by curing of concrete. It assess the integrity and quality of bored piles, augured cast in place (ACIP) piles and other concrete foundations.

Thermal Integrity Profiling data is collected by the Thermal Wire® cable system, which includes cables fitted with digital thermal sensors spaced along the cable length. The Thermal Wire cables are attached to the reinforcing cage prior to concreting. In general, one cable is installed per each 305 mm of shaft diameter. A data logger is connected to each Thermal Wire cable, and automatically samples data from that cable at user selected time intervals, which happens typically every 15 minutes.

Temperatures obtained throughout the concrete curing process are then saved in each data logger. Following this, the data can be viewed at any time via data upload to the Cloud, once data collection begins. The expected temperature at any location is dependent on the shaft diameter, mix design, time of measurement and the distance to the centre of the shaft.

The critical time for recording data occurs during the hydration curing process until peak concrete temperature is reached. TIP data is collected by multiple data loggers attached to a foundation, sending the data via a modem to the Cloud.

Engineers and designers can see the data all at once, in real time, from any location.

Thermal Integrity Profiling measurements and results include the following:

  • Estimation of the shape of the shaft
  • Determination of the concrete cover
  • Earliest shaft evaluation, saving valuable construction time
  • Location of areas of concern
  • Evaluation of the degree of eccentricity of the reinforcing cage
  • Identification of regions that are colder than normal indicating necks or inclusions, or poor concrete quality
  • Identification of regions that are warmer than normal indicating bulges

What are the advantages of Thermal Integrity Profiling:

  • Provides real time data collection via the Cloud
  • Allows engineer, designer and contractor to evaluate data from any location
  • Tests early after casting saving construction time and money with early shaft evaluation
  • Evaluates concrete quality, cover and cage alignment

If you would like to discuss this service in more detail, contact our specialist Stata Geotechnics team.