Dynamic Sampling and Probing

Dynamic sampling, also referred to as windowless sampling or window sampling. Is a well-established drilling technique for the construction of relatively shallow boreholes within superficial deposits.

Dynamic sampling for infrastructure at Van Elle

When using Dynamic Sampling the borehole is advanced by driving a hollow steel sampling tube into the ground. Inside the sampling tube is a plastic liner into which the soil is retained. When the tube is extracted, the liner can be removed and split to enable logging and sampling by a Geotechnical Engineer.

Our crews are directly employed and are NVQ qualified in Land Drilling. To ensure high standards in both safety and quality our employees are also British Drilling Association (BDA) audited. The crews are supported by our qualified Geotechnical Engineers who undertake supervisory and technical duties including borehole logging and sampling.

What is Dynamic Sampling and Probing used for?

This technique is suitable for sites with access restrictions and for environmental sampling. This can include the installation of shallow groundwater and ground gas monitoring wells. It can also be a useful technique to supplement the excavation of trial pits.

Our Dynamic Sampling rigs can also perform Dynamic Probing. This involves driving a standard size cone into the ground and recording the number of hammer blows per 100mm of penetration. This gives an indication of soil strength and is useful to gain further information at depth after the borehole cannot be advanced any further.

We also operate Lightweight Modular Dynamic Sampling Rigs. These rigs can be dismantled into hand portable components and then re-assembled at the drill site. These rigs are ideal for very restricted sites, such as basements, embankments, inside buildings and on the Rail infrastructure.

We provide an extensive range of ground investigation services. If you would like to discuss these in more detail, contact our specialist Stata Geotechnics team.

Strata Geotechnics dynamic sampling on the railways

What are the advantages of Dynamic Sampling and Probing?

  • Dynamic sampling is particularly suited to restricted access sites, contamination investigations, and where disturbance must be kept to a minimum.
  • This allows recovery of geotechnical samples and Insitu test data in even the most challenging to access locations.
  • Our Dynamic Sampling rigs are versatile in that they can also perform Dynamic probing, which is useful to collect additional data if the Dynamic Sampler can not be advanced further.

Common Uses

  • Geo-environmental sampling and monitoring
  • Restricted access sites
  • Supplement trial pitting
  • Hand portable systems available
  • Railways
  • Embankments
  • Basements
Van Elle's ground investigation specialists - Strata Geotechnics - delivering dynamic sampling trackside