Ground Improvement

Vibro Stone Columns

Vibro stone are a quick and cost-effective alternative to piling and grouting when building on large areas of weak ground. Vibro columns do not produce spoil and tend to be shorter than piles.

Benefits to the process:

Applications of the process:


Van Elle employs two types of method for this technique utilising the rigs we have customised and engineered to deliver an effective solution. These methods are:

Top Feed

Typically used where an open bore can be formed by the vibroflot which remains stable and can be filled with stone aggregate from working platform level. See illustration below.

Bottom Feed

Used when an open bore becomes unstable due to the presence of very soft soils or with a high water table. In this case, stone aggregate is fed into the column through a tube attached to the vibroflot which supports the bore as the flot remains within the ground while constructing the stone column. See illustration below.