Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Construction activities such as piling, various ground improvement and the operation of heavy construction equipment induces noise and structural vibrations.

With careful noise and vibration monitoring, damage can be kept to minimum helping to protect both hearing and health. Through learning machinery and equipment’s typical vibration readings you are able to identify issues. As a result the necessary measures can be put in place to reduce noise and vibration.

Noise and Vibration monitoring

How do we monitor noise and vibration?

Whether to mitigate health risks or protect sensitive building or infrastructure, Strata Geotechnics are able to monitor and record Noise and/or Vibration levels during Piling or GI Drilling operations. Trigger levels can be set which when exceeded raise an audible alarm or send a text alert. Works can then be stopped whilst additional noise and vibration reduction measures can be put in place.

Our experienced engineers will attend site, setup the equipment, collect noise and vibration data at various points around the site. Following this a factual report will be written up and produced. Noise and Vibration monitors can be left on site for prolonged periods of time and the data accessed and downloaded remotely.

We provide an extensive range of ground investigation services. If you would like to discuss these in more detail, contact our specialist Stata Geotechnics team.


Noise and vibration monitoring

What are the advantages of Noise and Vibration Monitoring?

  • Effective vibration monitoring helps to prevent damage by providing accurate measurements of vibration levels.
  • It helps to mitigate risks associated with plant and equipment
  • Monitoring vibration levels helps to protect sensitive equipment and infrastructure from excessive vibration.
  • Noise monitoring safeguards hearing from any excessive noise that leads to various hearing problems