Smartbase® and Precast Concrete Foundations

Smartbase® and Precast Concrete Foundations, a modular foundation system, has many advantages within the rail and highways sector over traditional in-situ concrete foundations.

These systems have been used extensively where traditional methods would require temporary works in locations with earthworks instability, buried structures or shallow mine workings where a piled foundation is not suitable.

As a modern method of construction the process focuses on off-site techniques to speed up delivery, reduce noise and vibration, reduce labour costs and eliminate unnecessary waste. It improves quality though the controlled manufacturing processes and standardised design which offers an alternative to traditional building techniques. 

What is Smartbase® and Precast Concrete Foundations used for? 

The system is specifically designed to support rails systems structures from shunt signals through to cantilevers and portals.

A standardised design approach with Network Rail form 002/003 design documentation allows this system to be integrated quickly into scheme designs and is supported by our in-house design, manufacturing and installation team. Bespoke solutions can also be produced in order to facilitate non-standard arrangements.     

Van Elle have deployed this system successfully across the UK Rail Network on projects such as: 

  • Gospel Oak to Barking Electrification  
  • North West Electrification Project (NWEP) 
  • Walsall to Rugeley Electrification  
  • Beighton to Sheffield Resignalling 

What are the advantages of Smartbase® and Precast Concrete Foundations?

  • Off site manufacture for maximum efficiency 
  • Specifically designed for railway applications to accommodate NR standard details for structures 
  • Designed to be installed by Road Rail Vehicle’s  
  • Minimal site preparation required  
  • Significant reduction in temporary works by removing requirements for formwork and propping 
  • Increased efficiency by reducing site activities such as curing time and striking formwork 
  • Not affected by weather or low temperatures 
  • Structural loads can be transferred immediately following installation