5th March 2023

Supporting National Careers Week 2023


Today marks the start of National Careers Week, which is fast becoming a key fixture in the academic calendar when schools take time to really focus on careers education.

National Careers Week runs from Monday 6 – Friday 10 March 2023.

The week aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their next steps. And making sure they are getting the best career advice and information possible.

We want to use the opportunity to get more people talking about their careers at Van Elle. As well as highlight the range of routes they’ve taken to get to where they are. 

As well as shine a light on all the possible career options, experiences, and paths available.

Whether you’re just entering the world of work or you’re considering a career change, identifying your interests and choosing a career path to take that matches those interests can be overwhelming.

One of our goals as a business is to ensure we continue to attract and inspire more young people to consider a career in construction and help fight the skills crisis the industry is facing.

The biggest challenge we have is that not everyone is aware of the huge

variety of job roles and options available within our industry. As well as the opportunities for career growth.

Whether you’d like to work on-site or in an office, there are many jobs in our industry that might interest you.

We’ll also highlight that career paths don’t always follow a straight line. Often these can include a number of diversions or crossroads that can help you learn, develop, and grow.

Some people know exactly what they want to do when they leave school and have a lifelong career.

However, sometimes careers often change based on an individual’s needs and experiences. Some people change their choice of careers early on. And for others, the decision to change careers comes much later in life.

Throughout this week you’ll hear from our Van Elle employees on their career journey and discover the different pathways they took to their chosen careers.