7th October 2021

Van Elle Training Centre, one of the first in UK to offer accredited NPORS face fit course

Construction Training NPORS Skills Gap Training
Our dedicated Kirkby-based Training Centre has become one of the first in the UK to be able to deliver the new NPORS Face Fit Train the Tester training course to internal and external customers.

The course, designed to share the theory and provide practical guidance to those on construction sites who will be responsible for conducting face fit testing on their colleagues, will be delivered by accredited trainer, Warren Mulford.

Warren (not pictured), who is currently the only NPORS trainer in the country accredited and able to deliver NPORS Face Fit Train the Tester (Qualitative) training, recently joined the training & assessment team and is looking forward to delivering the course.

If you would like to book onto a course, contact us on 01773 304060 or via email training@van-elle.co.uk.  

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