13th March 2023

Strata team complete ground investigation works on the A46 Newark Bypass

Our Strata Geotechnics team have completed ground investigation works on the A46 Newark Bypass, ahead of major improvement works for National Highways.

The A46 Newark Bypass is an important route connecting the M1 and Leicester to the A1 and central Lincolnshire. This project will provide a more reliable and resilient road network.

The ground investigation works, worth approximately £390,000 were awarded to Strata Geotechnics by National Highways and included surveys and assessments to help develop the design of the preferred route further.

The drilling teams used a combination of ground investigation techniques and equipment in order to get more accurate results ahead of the major road infrastructure project.

To help them complete the work, the team used windowless sampling, cable percussion, rotary sonic/coring and cone penetration testing using CPT rigs.

Down the hole geophysical testing was also carried out within nine of the boreholes.

Data from the site has now been submitted by our drillers and engineers to the National Highways team.

David Buckley, Director of Rail & Strata Geotechnics, said: “We’re delighted to be supporting the delivery of these important improvement works for National Highways, applying our expertise and innovation to support the project.”

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A46 Bypass – Image courtesy of National Highways