22nd February 2022

Piling continues at Wood Wharf Development Phase 3

Works have commenced on Wood Wharf Development Phase 3, following our successful completion of the previous phase in 2021.

The project, for Canary Wharf Contractors, involves the installation of the foundations for four mixed use 38-storey buildings to house commercial and residential properties.

Early works involved two SR75 rotary coring rigs which cored through 177 obstructions, including the old dock wall and the dock slab in four weeks.

The installation of 351 piles (900mm in diameter) and 135 piles (1050mm diameter) to depths of up to 33 metres is now underway.

These are the deepest and largest CFA piles ever installed at Canary Wharf.

Two of Van Elle’s Llamada P160 rigs will install the piles, during a 13-week programme.

Malcolm O’Sullivan, Piling Director at Van Elle, said: “We were really pleased to have been invited back to continue delivering foundations, right in the heart of London’s docklands.”

To reduce ground movement and vibration, 18 piles required temporary casing up to 11 metres.

This process protected the dock wall which is holding back the Thames.

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