Case Study

Five Weirs Walk

Rotary Core Drilling


Project Background

Five Weirs Walk runs along the River Don in Sheffield and a section of the route was washed away during the flooding in 2019.

The loss of this section of the five mile scenic route had a negative impact on the local community.

The restoration project included our Ground Investigation team completing high quality rotary core drilling through the river bed working from a pontoon.

Client Challenge

Working with Amey, the design team required detailed information of the strata beneath the river bed which would aid the design of a piled retaining wall required for the repair and restoration of the footpath.

Access limitations and working over water made it a difficult project to plan and deliver.

Strata Solutions

Our drilling team accessed the site by loading the rig and equipment onto a pontoon and travelling 300m downstream to the drilling position with a safety boat in attendance.

The borehole was constructed to a depth of 22m using a Comacchio 205 drilling rig with a water flush. High quality core recovery was achieved within the mudstone bedrock.

The works were completed on time and to a high standard with minimal impact of the environment and the local community.


Key Benefits

Delivery: Overcoming difficult access: Delivery of rotary coring whilst working from a pontoon Community enhancement: Restoration of Five Weirs Walk will be a benefit for the local community, being a scenic route along the River Don


Project Stats

Client: Amey


Date: 2022

Rig/Kit: Comacchio 205