Van Elle puts sustainability at the heart of everything it does and in the solutions, we provide to our customers. Van Elle believes true sustainability depends on balancing environmental, social and economic requirements.


Van Elle promotes low carbon solutions wherever possible, developing value-engineered designs that optimise the number, diameter and depths of foundations. This approach allows reduced material usage and promotes techniques that produce less waste and use less water.

Recycled and environmentally-friendly materials are used as much as possible and the company is proactively reducing waste on site, in its offices and yards.

Teams from offices located close to projects are used to carry out site work to reduce travel and transport of equipment and materials, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions.

You can read more on page 34 of our annual report.


Van Elle understands that social sustainability is key to a successful business and to helping support communities. The company hires local people and treats staff, customers and stakeholders fairly. It is committed to developing and training employees, to enable them to grow personally and to meet the future needs of the business.

Van Elle strives to be a good neighbour, minimising disruption during work and supporting local communities, charities and voluntary organisations.


Van Elle believes that a sustainable business is built on strong financial foundations, good governance and risk management and applies these principles to both its own organisation and, through its projects, to its customers and stakeholders.