21st December 2023

Ground Investigation Success: A46 Walsgrave Junction Upgrade

Ground Investigation StrataGeotechnics

Our Strata team recently conducted monitoring and low-flow water sampling for the A46 Walsgrave junction upgrade scheme.

The project faced a significant challenge due to the soft ground conditions. This made it impossible for conventional 4×4 vehicles to access and required careful consideration to avoid crop damage.

In response to the challenge, our team collaborated with SHERP, a specialised off-road vehicle provider to navigate the soft ground efficiently and ensure minimal disruption to the site.

Thanks to this strategic collaboration, we were able to make swift progress on the project while causing minimal ground disturbance and were praised by the client, National Highways.

This is a great example of where we can address unique challenges posed by the ground conditions while showcasing our commitment to delivering effective solutions and prioritising environmental considerations.

For more information about the services Strata Geotechnics can offer, visit the dedicated page here: https://www.van-elle.co.uk/strata/

To find out more about the A46 Walsgrave project, visit the National Highways dedicated page here.