15th February 2023

Van Elle’s commitment to Mental Health

We are a firm believer in the value of Safety. And we will always prioritise the health and safety of our people. But we also recognise the importance of mental wellbeing, and how the reality is, it can often get overlooked, especially within our industry.

Sometimes, the things that may seem not as obvious to others, can be just as detrimental as the physical dangers that come with working in the construction industry.

This is why it is crucial for us to continuously find ways to support our workforce. As well as build a supportive culture around mental health across our entire business.

Last week six of our Van Elle employees successfully completed the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course and have now joined England’s largest community of trained MHFAs.

This two-day course has now given them the relevant knowledge and skills to identify the triggers and signs of mental health. As well as gain the confidence to step in and support those who may be suffering in silence. 

We now have 32 MHFAs within the business, on hand to support those in the office and out on site. They will offer guidance and support to those experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. 

We spoke to our most recent Mental Health First Aiders and asked them what encouraged them to become trained MHFAs:

Lisa Comery, Procurement Manager

“I wanted to make a difference and show I care by upskilling myself with the relevant knowledge to be able to support my colleagues who are showing signs of mental health and allow me to be able to intervene before it has the potential to escalate by listening and offering guidance.”

Jonathon McGurk, Operations Manager

“I decided to go on the mental health first aid course because there have been a few occasions over the past year when employees I manage have come to me with issues related to mental health. I didn’t feel I could give them the advice or support they required which led me to going on the course. Now feel confident I can provide support to anyone struggling with a mental health related issue.”

Brian Savoury, Production Manager

“I decided to become a MHFAider’s to aid my confidence and knowledge for helping and supporting family, colleagues, and strangers if ever the need arose.”

Becky Tansley, Procurement Officer

“I wanted to do the course, to understand more about what mental health means, and how to deal with it in certain situations, so I can support others in work and home life and to support myself.”

Shannon Wade, Assistant Geotechnical Engineer

“All of us go through difficult times and there are occasions when we need additional support. Following my training I now feel much more equipped to assist and guide those in need towards the correct help and resources.”

As a business our support for mental health training and initiatives will continue as we strive to raise awareness and reduce the stigma, whilst supporting those throughout the company.

Visit our training website for more information on MHFA courses.