10th February 2023

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we reached out to some of our Van Elle apprentices across the business to find out what they have to say about their apprenticeship experience.

Will Seage, Civil Engineer

“I enjoy being given the responsibility to run large projects and learning whilst gaining a degree at the same time. Learning on the job will always suit me best. I have great support, and my team is always there if I have any questions.”

Max Dighton, Civil Engineer

“An apprenticeship can be quite challenging but everyone in the team at Van Elle has supported me when I needed it. It’s really great to combine classroom learning with hands on work. Van Elle has a great track record in delivering large projects, it was really important to me to join an ambitious company that would support my future development”

Bradley Mellor, Civil Engineer

‘The whole team has been very welcoming, and I have benefited greatly from their experience and expertise so far. I am thoroughly enjoying the wide variety of my current role and much looking forward to my future here at Van Elle.’

Amber North, HR Support

“A career in human resources has always interested me, so when I came across the apprenticeship opportunity at Van Elle, I knew it was not an opportunity to pass up! Doing an apprenticeship is beneficial as I am gaining hands-on experience as well as a professional qualification. The course is teaching the fundamental skills and knowledge required to follow a HR career.”

Lorien Males, Business Administrator

“While I have only been doing my apprenticeship for a couple of months, I have received an excellent amount of support from Van Elle. I have thoroughly enjoyed working here. They are investing in my education and future and are always willing to offer help in order to learn, improve, and progress.”

Nathaniel Niblett, Senior Technician

“The amount of support I have received while working at Van Elle has been amazing. Working with such knowledgeable and patient people has been a once in a lifetime opportunity, I am happy to have.”

Harry Clay, Land-based service engineering technician

“Whilst on my apprenticeship I’ve certainly learnt a lot from the experienced fitters that work at Van Elle. Everyone is happy to help everyone and take time out of their day to explain more complicated matters in detail.”

Ben Gray, Land-based service engineering technician

“Van Elle is a great place to learn whilst on the job, helping provide technical support across a diverse range of plant and equipment. I feel this apprenticeship has given me a great amount of experience and skills to help me develop.”

Aaron Lee, Loading Shovel Driver

“I feel more confident on site having done my apprenticeship at Van Elle. The experience I have gained has been invaluable and everyone is always willing to help.”

Nils Rollinson, Assistant Quantity Surveyor

“The easiest decision to make is becoming an apprentice as you gain valuable experience with industry experts.”

Amelia Billing, Apprentice Administrator

“My apprenticeship has been very informative regarding my job role and how to approach certain aspects of my work. My division as well as others have helped me to complete parts of my apprenticeship to a high standard. Van Elle has an ambitious target for the future which will drive me to achieve my personal and professional goals.”

Alexandru Filip, Assistant Fitter

“Apprenticeships at Van Elle are great to gain transferable skills, grow your network and get your foot in the door. I enjoy learning from the people around me and being able to gain the necessary experience and training to progress.”

Kian O’Hara, Fitter

“Everyone is very welcoming and helpful when it comes to completing tasks. Van Elle is a great place to work and develop your skills.”

Alex Martin May, Fitter

“Starting an Apprenticeship at 29 and taking a chance to change my career has become possible thanks to Van Elle. My colleagues are great, helping build my knowledge and skills. Attending college is an addition to help me become a better fitter day by day and to learn the basics.”

Luke Murfin, Maintenance Operative

“I have enjoyed the whole experience so far. I’m really enjoying the work and learning lots of new skills. I find the apprenticeship has worked better than going to college full time for me. Learning in that way because I enjoy the practical learning more.”

Whether you want to kickstart your career for the first time or you’re looking for a career change later in life. Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to develop and learn new skills in an area that interests you.

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