9th February 2024

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, we reached out to some of our apprentices across the business to gain insights into their apprenticeship journeys.

We speak to apprentices at different stages of their educational and professional paths. Spanning from NVQ Level 2 to Level 6 and in fields such as business administration, quantity surveying, and civil engineering.

Some are concluding their final year of studies, while others are navigating the midpoint, applying knowledge acquired in previous years.

We also welcome those who are brand new to our business and at the start of their career journey.

Let’s hear directly from our apprentices:

Lorien Males, Business Administration

I have been doing my apprenticeship for a year and a half now. I have received an exceptional level of support from Van Elle throughout.

My team are always willing to help whenever I need it, fostering a positive work environment that has made my experience both enjoyable and supportive.

Throughout this period, I’ve gained a diverse set of skills and acquired knowledge that I can apply to my future career. I am very grateful for the time and support given to me by Van Elle and colleagues. I would recommend the organisation to anyone considering an apprenticeship.

Nathanial Niblett, Civil Engineering

While being an apprentice at Van-Elle I have been given the opportunity to work within different divisions across the business. I have worked with both the Specialist Piling and Rail teams, and this diverse experience has allowed me to gain valuable insights into various aspects of the organisation. The opportunity has helped me to appreciate how each division plays a crucial role in the overall success of the business.

Bradley Mellor, Quantity Surveying

The whole team have been very supportive, and I have benefited greatly from their experience and expertise. Providing me with experiences and skills which I will be able to apply throughout my career.

Amber North, HR

I believe that entering the HR profession through an apprenticeship is the ideal way to gain valuable, practical experience, as you can apply your learning as it takes place. Throughout my time at Van Elle, my colleagues have been supportive and continuously offered opportunities for me to grow and develop.

Alfie Boulton, Civil Engineering

During my journey as an apprentice, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and knowledge about the industry. Through practical experience and theoretical learning, I have been able to enhance my skills and improve my understanding of the field. I have found the apprenticeship scheme to be an excellent way of learning and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue a career in this industry.

Kyle Kirkland, Civil Engineering

Over the past year, I gained a lot of valuable skills from my peers at General Piling. This year, I have gained more confidence and have been entrusted with managing projects. My civil engineering and industry knowledge has grown exponentially thanks to Van Elle.

Will Seage, Civil Engineering

In the past year, I have been given increased responsibility and have taken on the management of larger projects. Working alongside Van Elle has provided me with valuable experience and knowledge as I pursue my degree. I am fortunate to have excellent support, and my team is consistently available to assist with any questions I may have.

Harvey Gotheridge, Procurement

My apprenticeship at Van Elle has been incredibly rewarding so far. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and the support I’ve received from my manager and the team has enabled me to learn valuable lessons and gain valuable experiences and opportunities.

Visit the NAW website here or for more information about a career at Van Elle, visit our careers page.