9th July 2021

Introducing Strata’s latest addition to their rig fleet

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Strata Geotechnics recently took delivery of their new Comacchio GEO305 rig, which promises to meet the demands of the Ground Investigation sector in terms of safety, environment, and quality.

The rig incorporates an automatic SPT (Standard Penetration Test) hammer which removes the need for manual handling of the heavy and awkward traditional SPT hammer, increasing the efficiency of in-situ SPT testing.

Setup for wireline drilling, dynamic sampling, water or air flush drilling and casing advancement systems, the new GEO305 has been optimised to collect high quality data for linear infrastructure projects within the HS2, rail and highways sectors.

This relatively small rig benefits from reduced ground bearing pressures and can be transported by tractor and trailer or RRV but still has the required power for drilling deeper boreholes.

The GEO305 is powered by an efficient stage 5 tier 4 final engine, reducing the impact of emissions on the environment.

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