13th July 2023

Van Elle making tracks in Canada

Following the launch of Van Elle Canada Inc. in early 2023, great progress has been made. We have taken delivery of the first of Canada’s piling RRVs, employed a local team, opened a local depot and are due to commence work in Ontario in July.

In June the Van Elle team attended the TRACCS Rail Conference in Toronto, where our plant was displayed for our first industry event.

To highlight the success of Van Elle’s Canadian journey to date, we spoke with Kyle Holmes, Regional Manager for Canada, to learn more about the upcoming opportunities.

Van Elle Canada

What can we expect from Van Elle Canada?

“Van Elle Canada aims to deliver a combination of safety, quality, and responsiveness to the freight and passenger rail engineering market in Ontario. By leveraging the expertise of highly trained and experienced Canadian railroaders and incorporating innovative and cutting-edge technology from Europe.”

Could you provide some insights into the upcoming works?

“The early works will primarily involve freight line projects, with a focus on tasks such as long material moves for crossings and switch rehabilitations. Additionally, temporary crossing installations and culvert relocations/replacements are planned for the passenger network. We are also preparing for track piling works in the fall. Furthermore, discussions are underway to undertake the first TBS job on Canadian soil this summer.”

How does the rail industry in Canada differ from the UK?

“The rail industry in Canada is different from the UK in several ways. Especially in terms of work planning and execution. In Canada, rail operators have more control over scheduling work because they own most of the rail lines. On the other hand, the UK relies on contracted trains and Network Rail, which means there are fewer chances for track work.”

For further details about Van Elle Canada Inc and the products/services available please contact Kyle and the team:

John Allsop – Engineering Director, Rail

E I John.allsop@van-elle.ca M I 437-997-0407

Kyle Holmes – Project Manager, Canada

E I Kyle.holmes@van-elle.ca M I 519-546-3678

David Buckley – Director of Rail & Strata Geotechnics

E I david.buckley@van-elle.co.uk M I 07884 497623

Visit our website here: https://van-elle.ca/

Van Elle Canada