Continuous Flight Auger

Continuous flight auger (CFA) piling is a highly versatile technique for installing foundations in a wide range of ground conditions. Fast, quiet and virtually vibration-free, the method is ideal when working next to buildings, homes and in environmentally-sensitive areas.


  • Fast, quiet and virtually vibration-free
  • No need for casing, bentonite or polymers
  • Cost-effective and versatile technique for most ground conditions


  • Structural foundations
  • Contiguous piled walls
  • Working next to buildings and homes and in environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Suitable for clay, weak rock and water-bearing sand, gravel and glacial till


CFA piles are constructed using a hollow stemmed auger. Soil travels up the flights to ground level where it is removed by an auger cleaner. Concrete is pumped through the auger’s hollow stem as it is withdrawn, before reinforcement is inserted. Installation is monitored and controlled using on-board software.


Van Elle can install CFA piles of up to 1,200mm diameter and 35m deep, using its fleet of Llamada and Soilmec CFA rigs.