2017 News

Llamada P135EV

Van Elle continues to expand its fleet of state-of-the-art CFA rigs...

December 2017

The Llamada P135EV is a state-of-the-art specialist CFA rig capable of installing 1200mm diameter piles up to 26.5m in depth. Ideal for secant/contig walls and bearing piles across all open environments with minimal emissions.

TSA Logo

Van Elle joins the Track Safety Alliance...

November 2017

We are proud to become members of the Track Safety Alliance (TSA) helping to develop and share best practice in the health, safety and wellbeing of rail staff following a presentation to existing members on the Group's innovation, investment and safety strategy by Dave Warner and Angela Blakesley.

Specialist Award Finalist Logo

Eden Brows' revolutionary geotechnical works selected as a finalist in the 2018 Specialists Awards...

November 2017

We are very proud to announce that the ground-breaking design, testing and installation of the UK's largest, deepest and most accurate Elemex piles has been selected as a finalist in the 2018 Specialists Awards.

High Speed Award

For assistance provided in the delivery of the new High Speed Colleges, we award Van Elle Rail...

October 2017

In recognition of our commitment in delivering the new High Speed Rail colleges, Van Elle Rail is proud to have been awarded a much sought after trophy, certificate as well as a plaque at each of the 2 college locations.


Strata Geotechnics takes delivery of the unique on-track rail VE-Mog GI rig...

September 2017

In preparation for the start of a number of large and challenging rail projects where quality and programme is key, Strata Geotechnics has developed a unique bit of plant based on the Mercedes Unimog...

Gas Works

Van Elle launches its specialist GI business offering a new range of specialist services...

September 2017

Although Van Elle has offered independent GI, testing and monitoring services for many years, the launch of Strata Geotechnics signifies a step change in the range of specialist services we offer and the markets in which we operate...


Van Elle Rail assists The National College for High Speed Rail to prepare for its launch...

August 2017

The looming £multi-billion HS2 project is going to require some significant expertise to plan, build and manage its trains and the network, enter, one of two National Colleges for High Speed Rail...

Soilmec SR-95

Van Elle welcomes one of the UK's largest and most versatile piling rigs expanding the company's offering in the process...

July 2017

The Soilmec SR-95 adds unprecedented diameters/depths to our product portfolio and offers clients a cased CFA alternative with significant programme and accuracy benefits over bored and CFA piles respectively...


Van Elle ranked 5th out of more than 150k companies in the East Midlands...

June 2017

Demonstrating the 5th greatest profit growth of all companies in the East Midlands over the past 3 years, Van Elle works its way up the rankings again...

Construction Index

The Construction Index ranks Van Elle as No.1 in Ground Engineering by both turnover and profit

June 2017

Although published in the 2nd position overall by turnover, The Construction Index rightly points out that of those contractors purely specialising in ground engineering, Van Elle takes the top spot and no-one comes close on profit...


Gospel Oak to Barking Electrification project's precast groundbeams successfully completed

June 2017

Van Elle Rail's bespoke precast service has proven a huge hit with the J Murphy and Network Rail project team.


Van Elle Rail secures one of the UK’s largest and most sought after OLE piling contracts

May 2017

We are very pleased to announce that Van Elle Rail has recently secured Lot 1 of one of the UK’s largest and most sought after specialist on-track piling contracts...

New PMx22

Van Elle's Scottish team continues to expand with the delivery of its brand new Junttan PMx22

May 2017

Van Elle's commitment to the Scottish region and to our customers based north of the border is unwavering and our continued investment in specialist plant and experienced personnel is testament to this...

Eden Brows Test Train

Van Elle completes innovative piling works at Eden Brows for Story & Network Rail

March 2017

Following a 500,000t landslip in 2016, the pressure was on to clear the material, design, test and deliver one of the most innovative and accurate piling solutions ever installed...

Fraser Bennett Award

Another H&S award for the boys in Orange

March 2017

We are pleased to announce that another of our fantastic team members, Fraser Bennett, has just received a prestigious safety award from the RG Group.

NCE100 Award

Van Elle make the NCE100 for the second year running

March 2017

Following Van Elle's success in 2016, we are pleased to announce that we have again made it into the prestigious NCE100 list along with many of the industry's other leading companies...

Mace Safety Award

The on-track rail investment continues ensuring Van Elle Rail remains ahead of the competition

February 2017

In addition to our extensive fleet of state-of-the-art Colmar T10,000FS & T10,000FSC RRVs, Van Elle Rail is pleased to announce that it has just taken delivery of the World's first 2 Colmar T12,000FS RRVs...

Mace Safety Award

A very positive start to 2017

January 2017

We are pleased to announce that Piling Operative, Hayden Oughton, was given the Mace Site Safety Award in December for his work with plant segregation on the Binfield Learning Village Project...

Mercury F1 Team

Van Elle backs F1 in Schools team, Mercury Motorsport

January 2017

Our commitment to helping youngsters develop their interest in engineering has, again, been demonstrated today as we agree to sponsor and support the Mercury Motorsport F1 team based in Derby...


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