6th November 2023

Ground Improvement works at Botany Bay Business Park

Ground Improvement

Our ground improvement team recently completed works at Botany Bay Business Park.

Our work will support a major redevelopment on the 21-acre Botany Bay site, which is home to FI Real Estate Management Ltd, employing over 400 people

The team successfully installed 1002 No. Vibro stone columns, strategically placed to support the pad foundations of three new commercial units, with the aid of pre-boring to penetrate engineered fills.

During their final visit, the team worked in close proximity to the M61 motorway. To ensure the vibrations generated remained within acceptable levels, they conducted vibration monitoring.

When complete, the Botany Bay Business Park development will deliver more than 405,000 sqft of space split over 33 units and be home to retail, industrial and warehousing businesses.

Well done to all those involved, including Mustafa Elgalal, Dave Moore, Aubrey KennedyBryan Mckeown, and Stephen Graham.

If you would like to find out more about our ground improvement capabilities click here.