30th May 2024

Completion of King Post Retaining Wall Project at NEAR M1 J33

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Van Elle’s Specialist Piling division has completed the installation of a king post retaining wall at the NEAR M1 J33 site.

Contracted by Costain Group PLC as part of the National Highways M1 National Emergency Area RetroFit scheme, we installed 130m of king post wall to support the construction of a new Emergency Refuge Area.

The project involved installing 65No piles, each measuring 900mm in diameter and spanning between 7 to 9.5 meters in depth with beam heights between 10m and 12.5m.

In addition to the piling work, our team managed all associated earthworks, panel installations and logistics, ensuring comprehensive project delivery in a confined working area next to the live motorway.

We utilised our fleet of specialised equipment, including the lorry-mounted STM20 for the construction of the wall.

The intricacies of the wall design, characterised by its multiple levels and directional changes, presented notable construction challenges.

Despite obstacles such as restricted access and navigating overhead services, our dedicated team completed the project to programme.

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