27th September 2023

Movax Manipulator MPM-4000

Infrastructure Rail

Our rail team has been engaged in the testing and implementation of the Network Rail product-approved Movax Manipulator MPM-4000. This a versatile piece of lifting and handling equipment that has brought numerous advantages to the rail sector.

Working with Movax, we have collaboratively produced a robust system to further develop the attachment. Through this advancement the attachment is now suitable for rail projects and overcoming previous challenges faced.

One of the primary advantages of the Movax Manipulator is it eliminates the need for installers to work in the exclusion zone. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries by automating lifting and handling.

It offers advanced versatility with multiple jaw options for lifting various materials. Thus simplifying the installation of overhead line structures, and enabling accurate placement of sheet piles.

The equipment’s precise control allows operators to handle materials with the utmost accuracy, resulting in safer pitching and controlled movement.

It has a 4-tonne lifting capacity, ensuring that the process of unloading steel tubes can be done safely.

Due to its 360-degree continuous rotary gear, the MPM-4000 worked in tandem with a prefabricated T piece to precisely align the beam into its final installation position.

Van Elle utilised the Movax Manipulator in restricted conditions for a project at Stamford Tunnel on the PMJ line for Amco Giffen, to address a historic load-carrying capacity-related issue. This involved the removal of existing beams and installation of the new strengthening beams utilising the Manipulator.

Overall, the Movax Manipulator has not only increased operational efficiency. But has also greatly improved safety standards compared to conventional methods prevalent in the rail industry.

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