13th December 2021

Specialist offshore work gets under way for RNLI Fowey

CHS Piles Hutte marine Piling specialist

At Fowey harbour in Cornwall our specialist team have begun a project to replace the existing pontoon and berthing foundations, as part of an upgrade for the RNLI.

The volunteer lifeboat crew berth an all-weather lifeboat at Fowey, but the previous foundations, which were installed over 20 years ago, were showing signs of corrosion and wear.

Utilising a Hütte 207 rig, our specialist team commenced the installation of four new Circular Hollow Section (CHS) piles, which have been treated with a marine protective coating.

The process involves a crane lifting 12-metre-long threaded casings into place in each of the four pile positions in turn, before the rig takes over and bores the lead casing into the seabed.

Further casings will be added until the bedrock is reached, then 750mm diameter augers will be lowered in sections into the casings.

Once the design depth has been reached the team will remove the augers and lower in a grout hose.

Grout, mixed on site, will be pumped into the bore up to rock socket level and 24-metre long 610mm diameter CHS reinforcements added to each pile.

The use of bored and placed CHS piles rather than driven CHS piles will reduce the impact of noise and vibration for the local community for the duration of the project.

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